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By-Laws of the Blue Collar Browns Backers
Courtesy of the Cleveland Browns organization

and Browns Backers Worldwide

March 31, 1999

Mission Statement
Browns Backers Worldwide clubs will exist as not-for-profit organizations that will endeavor to promote fun, fellowship, friendship, and good will. Individual chapters will strive to promote membership through active participation and loyal support of the common interests of the Cleveland Browns and fans of the team.

Chapter Structure
The Cleveland Browns recognize the independence and diversity of its Browns Backers Worldwide chapters. Accordingly, each chapter will vary in the size and structure. The Cleveland Browns strictly are in agreement and compliance with all non-discrimination laws and require all Browns Backers Worldwide chapters to abide with discrimination rules and regulations set forth.
* All positions within the structure of the Blue Collar Browns Backers must be non-paid positions. Officers may be either appointed, elected, or volunteers.

It is the mission of the Browns Backers Worldwide chapters to expand their membership through policies of inclusion. Criteria for becoming a member includes adherence to the rules and regulations of the Browns Backers Worldwide and that of each individual chapter including compliance to the dues established by said chapter. Browns Backers Worldwide chapters must adhere to guidelines set forth and to adhere to non-discriminatory means for accepting applicants and for the removal of current members that are not in good standing.
* Officers of the Blue Collar Browns Backers reserve the right to limit the number of members within the chapter.

Rules and Regulations
* The Cleveland Browns recommend modest dues based on each individual chapter's needs. Payment of dues according to chapters structure. The Blue Collar Browns Backers dues structure require dues to be paid no later than the first week of every month, unless otherwise noted.
* Browns Backers Worldwide chapter members are required not to promote any Browns Backers Worldwide chapter in any means other than a not-for-profit organization.
* Under no circumstances may merchandise with any Browns trademark be sold for profit by a club, its officers, or its members.
* Under no circumstances shall any Browns Backers Worldwide chapters members base judgements or actions against club members due to race, creed, color, ethnic origin, age, sex, employment, and personal relations.
* Under no circumstance shall the Blue Collar Browns Backers chapter be held responsible for the actions or acts of any said members.
* Members not in good standing (dues owed, actions detremental to the chapter and/or Cleveland Browns, etc..) shall have said membership revolked.
* The Blue Collar Browns Backers reserve the right and are under no obligation to return membership dues to members that terminate their membership or have membership terminated for just cause.

Thanks to the Cleveland Browns for supplying the Cleveland Browns/Browns Backers Worldwide Rules and Policies. Blue Collar Browns Backers name inserted where applicable.