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BCBB Newsletter
Volume 1
March 1999

BCBB Officers

...Lane Adkins
Vice President
...Mike Bentley
...Hank Raimann
Chairman of Projects
...George Mullins
Meeting Director
...Tony Morgan
...Richard Urban

BCBB member count now at 31!

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About the Browns
The Draft
Side notes

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About The Browns

.....It's been a long 3 years for those Browns fans that followed the Browns. The wait is over, and the new regime is in place. The Browns led by Al Lerner, Carmen Policy, and Dwight Clark, have a history of being winners, in business and in their personal lives.
.....Lerner owns the 2nd largest credit card company in the United States, MBNA. Not too bad for a man that used to sell furniture door to door as a young man. Lerner teamed up with Youngstown native and former San Francisco 49ers President, Carmen Policy.
.....Policy is known and respected throughout the NFL for his loyality and ability to recognize talent and, to get around the rules the league mandated for the salary cap. You can add an NFL Executive of the Year award to his resume. Policy left the 49ers and joined Lerner in pursuit and eventual successful quest to gain ownership of the expansion Browns franchise.
.....Dwight Clark is a former player and was mentored by Policy in the 49ers front office. Clark worked his way through the 49ers organization, gaining experience in every department of the organization. He was the General Manager of the 49ers before leaving San Francisco to come to Cleveland.

The Upcoming Draft

.....Come April 17th there may be a surprise when the Browns make their first selection. All indications are the Browns will draft University of Kentucky quarterback Tim Couch, but the possibility of drafting University of Oregon quarterback Akili Smith remains as well as a chance of the Browns trading down. .....A survey of NFL executives and coaches say the Browns should draft a quarterback with their first pick in the draft and Tim Couch is the choice of those NFL men. .....Expect the Browns to address the needs of QB, WR, DL, LB, and a RB, in this draft.

Ticket Availability

.....As of this time, the Browns have not released any official information concerning tickets. The Browns have said they will contact Browns Backer groups when tickets are made available.

Upcoming Events

.....Our first outing, 1999 Draft Day Party, has been scheduled for Saturday April 17, 1999 at the BW3 in Parma Heights. The party is scheduled to begin at 10:00am and will last for as long as we wish. The manager of BW3 has requested we arrive prior to the 10:00am start time to get the seating we want. They are unable to reserve seating for the public...please be early. .....Submit your thoughts and ideas for upcoming events you would like to see the Blue Collar Browns Backers have.

Side Notes

.....I know you are probably tired of reading this, but we are looking for someone to head up our fundraising needs. Fundraising is a key element to the activity functions and of the BCBB. If you are interested or know who may be, let us know.... ....We're looking for a recorder! It won't take much of your time, if interested.... ....We have been in talks with BW3 to become an official sponsor of the BCBB.... ....The Browns have been contacted concerning a tour of the Browns Berea training facility. They are to call us back when this may be possible.... ....If you know of someone that may be willing to be a sponsor of the BCBB, let us know....

Lane Adkins

Mike Bentley

Hank Raimann